Your home – for the best in cooking, hot water and gas heating

West Coast winters can be bitterly cold, so you need the instant warmth of LPG heating. When it comes to keeping your home at a perfect temperature all year round, you can’t beat gas heating.

For cooking, heating water and your home, LPG is the clean-burning, efficient and sustainable solution for homes all over the West Coast – all year round.

Rockgas West Coast are here to ensure you and your family have a constant supply of gas when you need it. Whatever your needs, we have the knowledge, experience and service which we can tailor to suit you. Add to that an online ordering system, getting a constant supply of gas has never been easier.

Hot water heating system

Do you want a water heating system that’s reliable, consistent and cost effective? For instant hot water that never runs out, LPG makes hot water easy.

Want to get rid of your hot water cylinder and upgrade to gas water heating? Come and see the team at Rockgas West Coast. Whether you have a family with small children or whether you’re empty nesters, we’ll give you reliable advice on the products that are best suited to your needs.

Short on space? No problem! Gas cylinders are so convenient because they can be installed outside your home, saving you space and hassle. Our qualified gas fitters will ensure your LPG cylinders are installed correctly, safely and efficiently.

Cooking with LPG

It’s no wonder restaurants and cafés swear by LPG for cooking. If you’re serious about cooking, LPG is a must-have. You get the benefit of precise temperature control and better heat distribution, giving you the power to create delicious food – all year round.

If you’re wanting to change from a conventional cooker to LPG, upgrading your kitchen to gas is easier than you think, with Rockgas West Coast. The ease of gas cooktops allows for a simple and hassle-free upgrade, with no or little remodelling required. Our experienced team will not only advise you on the best gas cooker for your needs, we’ll install it with our gas fitting service.

LPG – outdoor living made easy

Enjoy outdoor living and entertaining with the ease of LPG. Perfect for BBQ, patio heater, outdoor fireplace or brazier, you can turn your outdoor living area into the ideal place to eat meals with your family, entertain guests or relax with a glass of wine after a long day.

Need to order gas? You choose how!

To make life that bit easier for you, we offer 3 methods to manage your LPG supply:

Got any questions about gas cooking or heating? Call us! We’re here to help you any way we can with questions you have.